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Run Through It - Short Film

Written - Yasmeen Magar

Directors - Yasmeen Magar & Emma Joesphson

Cinematographer - Adolfo Cantu Villareal

Producer - Megean M Sanchez

After some time Jazz visits her old family home before it's finally
sold. She goes into the house reliving past memories, remembering her strained relationship with her father who has passed.

*Awarded best relationship drama at the Oregon Short Film Fest 2021*

Late to Mom's Funeral - Short Film

Currently in Pre-production

Director/Writer - Yasmeen Magar

Producer - Megean M Sanchez

Cinematographer - Damian Byington

Late to Mom's Funeral is a comedic drama short film that follows two sisters, Maya and Hope, as they show up unnannounced to their estranged mothers funeral.

I'm Not Me - Short Film

This is an un-produced script ready for production.

As her reality starts to shift, Ria visits her therapist. While there she recounts a dream that has been giving her trouble.

This film deals with derealization and what it feels like to not know what is real and whats not. It's a personal script that touches on one of the side effects of trauma. Not feeling like yourself and being unsure what it means to stay present in your mind and body.

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